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Working Towards Being The Best

The motto itself speaks thousands of words.

As a part of LNCT Bhopal, every student of this college finds themselves committed to making this motto-a way of life.


is the tech-soc annual fest of Lakshmi Narain College of Technology showing the skills, ideas and personality of the participants in various domains.

A proud plethora of workshops, sports competitions, tunes and taps of fun, more than fifty of them, celebrating technology with sustainability and life is what you get here.

PE2020 is all set to knock your doors in March 2020. Mark the dates 04,05 & 06 of March We promise to provide the best experience with our various domains, to keep you thrilled in every aspect of this fest.


Celebrity Night


Shri J. N. Chouksey
CHAIRMAN & Chancellor LNCT University,

It is my most humble opinion that while academic pursuits certainly contribute towards success, character building and holistic development can be only achieved by participating in a variety of activities to delight and entice the myriad senses of human mind.I wish PLANET ENGINEER 2020 shall be beneficial to all the students and teachers and shall help them to give their best to fest.

Mrs. Poonam Chouksey

I strongly believe that extra-curricular activities teach students the importance of participation and involvement making for wonderful experiences and memories.
It gives me immense pleasure to announce the PLANET ENGINEER 2020 OF LNCT BHOPAL.I have full confidence that the event will be equally fulfilling and enjoyable for the participants.

Dr. Anupam Chouksey

Talent remains veiled, unless given a platform.
The PLANET ENGINEER 2020 will provide a platform to all the students to showcase their talents and broaden their domains of knowledge and instill in them team spirit.

I wish all the participants and my students a very good luck.



PLANET ENGINEERS 2020 includes the following –

  • Innovative events to test the technical and general knowledge of the participant.
  • Intuitive workshops to nurture the abilities of the participant.
  • Inceptive initiatives to make society a better place to live in.
  • Incredible shows to illustrate and enjoy the beauty of technology.


PLANET ENGINEERS 2020 would be a grandiose 3-day festival to be held from 04th MARCH to o6th MARCH in the campus of LNCT Bhopal.

  • It is a platform to test the abilities of a participant when exposed to a physical problem; this makes the participant aware of his strengths and weaknesses.
  • It is a platform for the participants to interact with the industry making them aware of the practical problem faced and the corresponding solution.
  • It is a platform to bring out the innovative child hidden in every student; this refreshes the participant and gives him/her memories to cherish throughout his/her life.



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